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Jean-Christophe MARECHAL


1039 rue de Pinville

34000 Montpellier

Ph: + 33 (0)467157965


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  • sustainable management of crystalline (hard-rock) aquifers in semi-arid tropics (characterization of geometry, hydrodynamic parameters and boundary conditions)
  • interpretation of pumping tests in karst aquifers and crystalline (hard-rock) fractured aquifers
  • modeling of flash flood in karst aquifers
  • study of mountainous crystalline aquifers



  • May 2011 to now: Montpellier, France – Head of Unit New Water Resource and Economy (NRE), D3E Direction, brgm
  • October 2009 – April 2011: Montpellier, France – Research Project ManagerUnit Resources and Discontinuous Media, Water Department, brgm
  • October 2006 to September 2009: Toulouse, France – Researcher at Laboratores des Mécanismes et Transferts en Géologie (LMTG) and Bangalore, India – Researcher on deputation from IRD at Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences (IFCWS), Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
  • September 2003 to September 2006 : Research Engineer at Montpellier, France – Unit Resources and Discontinuous Media, Water Department, brgm
  • August 2000 to August 2003 : Hyderabad, India – Chairman of Indo-French Centre for Groundwater Research (IFCGR), National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI)
  • May 1998 to July 2000 : Liege, Belgium – Research Engineer at LGIH (now: GEOMAC), University of Liege (ULg)



  • 1998 - PhD in Civil Engineering at the Federal Technical School of Lausanne (Switzerland), Laboratory of Geology (GEOLEP)

Title : Groundwater flows in Alpine crystalline massifs and their relationships with underground works

  • 1994 – MSc in Hydrogeology – University of Neuchâtel (CHYN), Switzerland
  • 1992 – MSc (Engg) in Engineering Geology, University of Liege (ULg), Belgium




Maréchal, J.C., Lanini, S., Aunay, B. and Perrochet, P. (2013) – Analytical Solution for Modeling Discharge into a Tunnel Drilled in a Heterogeneous Unconfined Aquifer. Ground Water , doi: 10.1111/gwat.12087

Braun, J.-J., Marechal, J.-C., Riotte, J., Boeglin, J.-L., Bedimo, J.-P.B., Ngoupayou, J.R.N., Nyeck, B., Robain, H., Sekhar, M., Audry, S., and Viers, J., (2012) – Elemental weathering fluxes and saprolite production rate in a Central African lateritic terrain (Nsimi, South Cameroon). Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 99: 243-270, doi: 10.1016/j.gca.2012.09.024

Maréchal, J.C., Braun, J.J., Riotte, J., Bedimo Bedimo, J.P. and Boeglin, J.L. (2011) – Hydrological processes of a rainforest headwater swamp from natural chemical tracing in Nsimi watershed, Cameroon. Hydrological Processes, 25, 2246-2260, doi: 10.1002/hyp.79 CV JC Maréchal pdfPDF (3600 Kb)

Maréchal, J.C., Vouillamoz, J.M., Mohan Kumar, M.S., Dewandel, B. (2010) – Estimating aquifer thickness using multiple pumping tests, Hydrogeology Journal, 18(8), 1787-1796, doi: 10.1007/s10040-010-0664-3 pdf PDF

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Maréchal, J.C., Ladouche, B., Dörfliger, N. & Lachassagne, P. (2008) – Interpretation of pumping tests in a mixed flow karst system, Water Resources Research, 44, W05401, doi:10.1029/2007WR006288. pdf PDF (1 250 Kb)

Maréchal, J.C., Ladouche, B. & Dörfliger, N. (2008) – Karst flash flooding in a Mediterranean karst, the example of Fontaine de Nîmes, Engineering Geology, 99(3), 138-146, doi:10.1016/j.enggeo.2007.11.013. pdf PDF (1 561 Kb)

Dewandel B, Lachassagne P, Wyns R, Maréchal JC, Krishnamurthy NS (2006) A generalized 3-D geological and hydrogeological conceptual model of granite aquifers controlled by single or multiphase weathering. Journal of Hydrology, 330 (1-2): 260-284, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2006.03.026. pdf PDF (3 345 Kb)

Maréchal, J.C., Dewandel, B., Galeazzi, L., Bournet, G. &  S. Ahmed (2006) – Combined estimation of specific yield and natural recharge in a semi-arid groundwater basin with irrigated agriculture. Journal of Hydrology, 329(1-2), 281-293. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2006.02.022. pdf PDF (1 705 Kb)

Maréchal, J.C., Dewandel, B. & Subrahmanyam, K. (2004) – Use of hydraulic tests at different scales to characterize fracture network properties in the weathered-fractured layer of a hard rock aquifer, Water Resources Research, 40, W11508, doi:10.1029/2004WR003137. pdf PDF (601 Kb)Maréchal, J.C. & Etcheverry, D. (2003) – The use of 3H and delta18O tracers to characterize water inflows in alpine tunnels, Applied Geochemistry, 18(3), 339-351, doi:10.1016/S0883-2927(02)00101-4. pdf PDF (733 Kb)

Maréchal, J.C., Wyns, R., Lachassagne, P., Subrahmanyam, K. & Touchard, F. 2003: Anisotropie verticale de la perméabilité de l’horizon fissuré des aquifères de socle : concordance avec la structure géologique des profils d’altération, C.R. Geoscience, 335, 451-460. Abstract. pdf PDF (297 Kb)

Maréchal J.C. & Perrochet, P. 2001 : Theoretical relation between water flow rate in a vertical fracture and rock temperature in the surrounding massif, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 194(1-2), 213-219, doi:10.1016/S0012-821X(01)00551-9 . pdf PDF (324 Kb)

Maréchal, J.C., Perrochet, P. & Tacher, L. 1999 : Long-term simulations of thermal and hydraulic characteristics in a mountain massif : the Mont-Blanc case study. Hydrogeology Journal, 7 (1999), 341-354. Abstract. PDF (609 Kb)

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